The Intel® Anti-Theft Service has been discontinued.
Please unsubscribe immediately, if you still have a PC enrolled in this service.
For assistance with the unsubscribe process, follow steps provided in the IATS Unsubscribe Guide below.
Intel® Anti-Theft Service Help

What is the Intel® Anti-Theft Service?

This web-based service uses hardware features in computers equipped with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology to provide multi-level security. It protects private data and guards against theft with remote lockdown, encryption within Secure Data Vault, and other built-in theft deterrence capabilities.

How does Device Lockdown work?

If you have lost your device or you believe it has been stolen, device lockdown can occur in two ways:
1. You can set your device to lock from the Intel® Anti-Theft Service website and it will lockdown the next time it synchronizes with the service. Your device automatically synchronizes with the service when it is connected to internet.
2. If your device does not synchronize with the service within the "user selected" number of days, the Intel® Anti-Theft Service will lock your device. The Timer Based Lock uses a hardware based timer that prevents an unauthorized person from defeating device lockdown.

Creating a Secure Data Vault container

After you have registered your device, you are ready to create a Secure Data Vault container. Follow the steps to create your container
1. Click the "Start" button - (lower left corner of Device).
2. Click "All Programs".
3. Click "Intel® Anti-Theft Service - Secure Data Vault".
4. Click "Secure Data Vault".
5. Create a new Secure Data Vault password and container.
6. Move files into the container and the program will automatically encrypt the files.

Device Lockdown Management

Intel® Anti-Theft Service allows you to manage the following:
Unlock Password - Change or retrieve your unlock password
Set to Lock - If your device is lost or stolen, you can lock it down. If recovered, you can unlock the recovered device at from another computer and then enter your unlock password in recovered device to regain access.
Timer Based Lock - Set the number of days before your device locks down if it doesn't synchronize with the server. You can also select "disable" to disable Timer Based Lock.
Lock Device Message - This message is displayed when device boots up if your device is locked down.
History - This table shows the changes to your Intel® Anti-Theft Service configurations, lists the server synchronizations with your device, and other relevant activities.
Suspend/Unsuspend - This allows you to suspend the Intel® Anti-Theft Service. For example, we recommend you suspend the Intel® Anti-Theft Service prior to leaving your device with a service/repair department.
Unsubscribe/Uninstall - This allows you to unsubscribe your device from the Intel® Anti-Theft Service and uninstall the software from your device. If you have an activation code, you may re-enroll/subscribe your device at a future date.
Manage Account - This allows you to change your email, account password and security questions/answers.

Secure Data Vault Management

Secure Data Vault (SDV) allows you to securely store sensitive data. Your sensitive data is stored in a secure container (using encryption technology) which requires the device hardware and your password to access the data.
SDV prevents an unauthorized user from removing your hard drive and accessing it from another computer to retrieve your sensitive data.
SDV Password: Retrieve your SDV password. You must change your password by running SDV from your device.
SDV Maintenance - This maintenance function allows you to recover your SDV containers (where you store your sensitive data) to another device from a backup if your device is lost, stolen or disabled. See the User Guide for more information.

Can I enroll in the Intel® Anti-Theft Service?

Click here to check if your device is Intel® Anti-Theft Service ready.

How do I retrieve one of my passwords if I forget it?

If you forgot your login password:
Go to the Main Page,, and click on "Forgot password?".
A link to reset your password will be sent to your registered email address.
If you forgot your unlock password or your Secure Data Vault password:
Log into your account.
Click on your Device Nickname.
Click on Retrieve Password.
A link to retrieve your password will be sent to your registered email address.

How do I change my registered email address, security questions, password, etc.?

Log into your account.
Click on "Manage Account".

How do I lock my device, if it is lost or stolen?

Log into your account from any computer.
Select the device that's lost or stolen.
Click Set Lock Now.
Click on the red Lock Device button and close the tab.
The next time your Device connects to the internet and automatically synchronizes with the Intel® Anti-Theft Service, it will be locked.
If you want to lock immediately (so you can see how the device behaves and view the lock screen), a pop-up box appears to show how to lock the device immediately.

How do I unlock my device, if it is recovered?

Log into your account from a different device.
Click on Set Unlock Now.
Click on Unlock button.
Turn on your recovered device.
Enter "1" to use a passphrase or an unlock password.
Enter unlock password.
Your device will now boot up normally.

Devices that support Intel® Anti-Theft Technology

You can find a list of devices that support Intel® Anti-Theft Technology here.

Need additional information?

For more detailed information, please refer to the User Guide and the Top Troubleshooting Topics, as they answer the most common questions regarding Intel® Anti-Theft Service.
If you are unable to find the answers in these documents, please click "Support/Contact Us" on the login page.

Note: In certain locations, Intel® Anti-Theft Service is currently not available.